How Being A Rebel Helps Your Growth

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“Nothing is more necessary or stronger in us than rebellion.” 
― Georges Bataille

When I was just 9 years old, my father very fondly told me that, “Kishmish (my father loved calling me by this name) no matter what happens in your life, never ever settle for anything. Make it point to do whatever pleases your heart and create a life for yourself that satisfies your soul. Magic happens only when you do not give up, even if you desperately want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn and rebellious heart. And you my child are born to become a rebel, because, being a girl — life is going to be really hard for you and so I want you to fight and win against anyone or anything that wrongs you in your life.”

Now my father is not there with me to tell me the same in my moments of despair, however, his words are still with me and hence all my life I have always been a rebel and have never settled for anything that doesn’t please me. I could frame many of my decisions as rebellious acts only and sometimes it’s fun to do so, but the downside is that I at times end up feeling like a social outcast. 

Not only in my personal life but professionally also I have never compromised on my beliefs, ethics, and principles. It’s not that I rebel for/on/against anything and everything, as I only rebel with a cause. Wondering, what is a rebel with a cause? A cause that I find is important to fight for, is seeing myself rebelling against others with a cause. Whenever I feel that something is wrong around me and I wish to change it, whether or not I am capable enough to change it, I try to do the same even if changing it/fighting for it isn’t going to help my professional image very positively.

No, I do not believe in breaking the rules, but, in making new rules that defy the old rules. Because of this, some people find me very passionate and innovative and think of me as a woman with a vision. However, some people do think that this trait of mine leads me towards my own self-destructive hedonism. What can I say? I simply agree to disagree with them, as flying solo has never bothered me but not flying at all has.

A Rebel Helps Your Growth

My question to you is: Do you really think that blending in is good for your career? I think, not. As, every leader — no matter what position or title — has always been a rebel within. The only point of concern is: how healthy or repressed your rebellious side is? If you are rebelling not just for yourself but for the greater good, then I believe, that is the best thing that you can do for the people around you. You not only change your own life by speaking against the odds but also contribute towards the betterment of your society/community/nation.

Here are few of the perks of being a rebel at work:

A rebel has strong convictions

Anyone who stands strong in his/her convictions creates an environment of certainty for everyone around him/her. After all, when you are absolutely convinced that your decisions and principles are the best choices, you inspire others to follow you.

A rebel has an unbreakable inner confidence: To become a leader — one requires confidence. Rebels demonstrate a strong sense of self-assurance, so people easily gravitate towards them and anticipate that great things are in store. This high level of confidence comes from within and only when your inner passion forces you to make meaningful things happen in a way that can create a real difference.

A rebel is a disruptor 

A rebel never considers status quo to be acceptable; they have an inner need to change things up. But they do it with a purpose: to make things better for others. They’re mindful of how they can lead by example and so they disrupt people as well as things; they want people to know that greatness lies within them.

A rebel knows his/her strengths 

Rebels are generally very self-aware of their strengths and hence they know how to lead people with credibility, trust, and respect. They are generally influential and impactful. They empower others because they want to, and, they serve others because they choose to. This kind of drive grants rebels tremendous influence and impact.

A rebel is a trendsetter: 

Rebels are the ones who create trends as they are always planning and creating and thinking about what comes next. They’re gifted at connecting the dots between strategic priorities and peoples’ work, organizational problems and opportunities. They are proactive and make things happen — not only for themselves but for the greater good.

A rebel is passionate about a cause: 

Rebels lead from their extreme passion. They work for a cause. One of the reasons rebels are so effective as leaders are that people understand that what drives them intrinsically is a cause bigger than themselves. They are the people who know the ‘whys’ of their life, so they can bear all the ‘hows’ of their leadership.

Lastly, let me end this blog here with the quote mentioned by Osho, “A rebel is a totally different kind of person from the nonconformist. Never forget it, because to be a nonconformist is very easy, but to be a rebel needs a tremendous transformation in your being.”

In short: Awaken the rebel in you!


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