Is Employee Satisfaction, On Its Own, Enough?

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There is no doubt that satisfied employees are excellent; they generally never complain. They do what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it. Again, in general, they are pleasant and productive. They feel adequately … Continued

Things Every Woman Should Know About Climbing The Corporate Ladder

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While sitting alone in my room and thinking about my career and sipping some wine to quench my thirst (for success may be), I wondered, “what are the things every woman should know about climbing the corporate ladder?”. No, I am … Continued

Why India’s Qualified Are Unemployed

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Recently, Infosys Ltd. fired employees with over 4 years of experience, not because they did not perform well at work or were not skilled enough for their jobs, but because the company was in the midst of its largest retrenchment drive. Also, not … Continued

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