5 Types Of Annoying Co-Workers

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As a Human Resource Manager, I have come across many facets of co-workers’ emotions, behaviors, and mood temperaments. Generally, I have been really lucky in finding a sensible bunch of people around me to work with. Few co-workers, with time, have even become an integral part of my life. However, on many occasions, I have inevitably found myself looking at a few really annoying co-workers and wondering, “What planet are you from? And how did you find your way here? Who hired you?”

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So, out of personal experience with these professional blockheads, here are 5 types of the most annoying co-workers I have confronted at work:

The one who gets paid for being a gossip monger:

These are the ones who know everything, including, ‘who is dating whom – what’s happening where’ inside their work premises. They are like water, easily mingling and taking the form of whatever situation they are presented with. They’re always waiting for someone to fall into their trap, like sneaky reptiles, to discuss the flaws in the company, company processes, and their fellow team members. In short, they work less and talk more. Way more than required! Sigh!

The one who took a pill in Ibiza to show ‘Avicii’ he/she is cool:

These people are as absurd as the lyrics of this song by Mike Posner, but because they sound as upbeat as the music of this song, people listen to them. They may often showcase an inappropriate and arrogant behavior at work. Especially, if this co-worker is a man, he tends to bother his female co-workers; he generally behaves in a misguided manner and his still-16 behavior, more often than not, causes a lot of friction (and not the fun kind).

The one who is always complaining about how swamped he/she is with work:

These are the laziest bunch of people I have ever come across. All they do is NOTHING! They only complain about how much work they have, though, they always fail to submit their tasks on the deadlines assigned; often they live in their own rhythm and don’t always understand what their boss wants from them. They can also be seen slouching, forever disgruntled with a tired look and a coffee mug. Everything annoys them: colleagues, endless reports, and their cold coffee.

The one who is the boss’s favorite:  

You are bound to come across that co-worker who makes your life a living hell and makes you hate getting up for office every day. Such people can get on your nerves for no other reason than the fact that they are the blue-eyed boy/girl of your boss. They’re the ones who make snide comments, constantly critique your work, question your judgment, and so forth; basically, they act like your superior. You will always get updates, requests, unwanted inputs, and “constructive” criticism from them from time to time, on behalf of your boss.

The one who is as bad as ‘The Venus Flytrap’:

These people are like Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold’ and can be best described as one that only has “push-pull” relationships. Initially, they will boost your ego, compliment you and even make you feel like you’re a friend. But after a while, they will definitely try to manipulate you or be openly mean. A Venus flytrap might overshare his or her personal life with you in ways that are uncomfortable, try to get you involved in their own drama or even put you in uncomfortable workplace situations, like flirting with you. These people most probably feel extremely bored with life and want to fill a void by wasting other people’s time entirely.


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